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  • The Hydra crew was great to work with. They do awesome work and are very thorough. We had our entire basement dug up, waterproofed, and the floor completely replaced. The team was very polite and helpful. Thank you!

    Marisa L
    Marisa L Hydra | Online Reviews
  • We contacted Hydra regarding a wet basement wall. They went out to the home and told us that the basement didn’t need waterproofing and that the gutters were the cause of the wetness. He spoke to us over the phone 3-4 times and was knowledgeable and super friendly. We are so thankful to him for being honest with us and not suggesting unnecessary work just to make a dollar. Highly recommend!

    Edwin Hydra | Online Reviews
  • Everything went great! The work is completed and basement is dry again. Things went smoothly during the estimate and scheduling. They are very responsive and will typically respond to your questions same day. I was originally quoted for epoxy for all 4 sides of the basement walls. When the walls of the finished basement came down on the first day we discovered a stair step crack in one wall that needed beams to be addressed. We traded out the epoxy for beams, since this was priority. This did not delay the work and they were still completed a day early. Everything was kept as clean as possible. Concrete dust is the worst and gets on/in everything and you will be doing some cleaning afterwards. I have no complaints though the team warned me of this ahead of time, so no surprises. I have no fear that if I see water after this, the team will be all over it. I would recommend them for anyone needing repair work done on their basement.

    Christopher Hydra | Online Reviews
  • We had been trying to resolve a mustiness issue in our basement for several years and decided to call in some professionals after discovering some cracks in the foundation of our home. The owner, came out and determined that the issue was caused by an issue with a failing drainage system in our foundation (a similar conclusion from one of their competitors). They quoted a price that was lower than one of their competitors and gave a time frame for when the work could be completed (about a month-and-a-half). Due to a shift in their schedule, they were able to move us up and the crew that came out were extremely professional. Part of the job included jack-hammering the concrete flooring in our basement. They covered everything in plastic to prevent dust from covering our belongings and did an excellent job cleaning up after completing the job (about 2 and 1/2 days of work). The team lead made himself available to address any concerns or questions I had and did an excellent job communicating throughout the process. I believe they went above and beyond completing the job and would recommend them.

    Daniel Hydra | Online Reviews
  • I talked to Hydra and they listened to my explanations on my basement issues and asked for pictures of the problems. I sent the pictures to him and he responded to me right away every time. He explained to me that the crack in the block was very minor and to caulk it and not worry about it and if the crack ever gets bigger let him know. They also told me that the issue with the wetness by the sump pump was coming from the outside and I explained that my drain pipe to the road is broken but still draining he explained that this would be the cause. They explained that needs corrected and the wetness should be taken care of. They said I could then reseal the block. Hydra was great to talk to and was very knowledgeable and I appreciate his help. I will use Hydra when I need basement work completed.

    Brian Hydra | Online Reviews
  • The Hydra crew were a pleasure to work with. After they explained everything in detail, I was confident that they were the company for the job, and I was not disappointed. I cannot say enough positives about my experience. The crew was knowledgeable, professional, and extremely hard-working. They were punctual and went out of their way to minimize any disruption to our routine. If I had known how painless this process would be, I would never have put off the work we had done. I have had extensive remodeling and repairs to my home, and I have never worked with a finer group of people.

    Karen Hydra | Online Reviews
  • Hydra sent a crew of 4 men to my house. Two worked in the basement replacing the sump pump and two worked outside digging up the old drain pipes and replacing them. First, the foreman, whose name I cannot remember, explained what they were going to do. I appreciated him explaining all that. Then the guys inside put plastic on the floor from the door to the sump pump protecting all my floors. That was very nice. They were extremely neat and picked up everything when they left. They explained how the new sump pump worked and how the battery worked. They were articulate and very clear with the explanation. The men outside (also very nice, and clear with the explanation of what they were about to do) had to dig up a large area around the corner of the house where the downspout and the pipe from the sump pump were joined underground with a Y joint. When they got there, they noticed that the metal strip that had attached this to the wall, was rusted and no longer held the pipes up to provide the grading to make the water flow to the street. Then they saw that a pipe was cracked and water was escaping. None of the joints of the pipes were glued closed, and water poured out of them when they were pulled apart. It had not rained in a week when they did this, illustrating that this held water all the time. That water was leaking into the ground and eventually down the outside cinder block, and coming through into our basement. During a heavy rain you could see the water stain on the cinder block wall. They replaced all the piping and lifted it up to provide the angle for it to drain properly. They filled the hole with dirt, and smoothed out the dirt to make it look neat. It was a lot of work, but with four men, they were finished in less than 3 hours. I think that with the amount of work they did, the price for all this was very reasonable. I am actually excited for the first rain storm to see how well it all works. I want to add that they were very patient and kind, and came out to my house to ‘diagnose’ the problem. I explained to him that other providers had given more expensive estimates and we tried several other suggestions to fix this. Hydra saw what the problem was right away. I appreciate his help and guidance, as I was feeling very frustrated that the other things we tried did not work. Description of work: They fixed the outside pipes that had cracked and were leaking water into the ground around it, and during a heavy rain, flowing down the cinder block, causing it to be wet inside the basement wall. They dug up the existing pipes and replaced all of them, even the pipe from the sump pump. They also replaced my sump pump and added a battery back-up for it.

    Ann Hydra | Online Reviews
  • All the work went extremely smoothly and it looks great. I found Hydra to be a wealth of knowledge and the quality looks excellent. A structural engineer signed off on the repairs so we have the utmost confidence that we now have a stable home that was certified by a 3rd party.

    Jim Hydra | Online Reviews
  • My Mom’s basement had been having issues with water leakage. Hydra came out and did a thorough evaluation of the basement. He gave a detailed explanation of his company and the work needed to resolve the issue. Hydra Team was very professional and did a great job installing a new waterproofing system

    Laura Hydra | Online Reviews
  • I found Hydra to be extremely sincere and you can tell he knows his stuff. His experience was very evident versus other people I spoke with. The sellers of the home are using his quote to remediate the issue and we will rest easy knowing that Hydra has taken care of our new basement.  

    Jim Hydra | Online Reviews
  • We are very pleased with the quality of the work, the politeness and cleanliness of the employees, and the responsiveness of the owner and his manager Noe. We have recently moved to a new house, and I hope we never have basement issues but if we do I will call hydra immediately!  

    Jennifer K
    Jennifer K Hydra | Online Reviews
  • Prompt service. Found the problem quickly and took his time explaining it to me. He showed me clearly where the water was coming from. Would definitely call them if I had water problems.  

    Ellen K
    Ellen K Hydra | Online Reviews
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