Foundation Repair

Seeing expanding wall cracks in your foundation? Here at Hydra Basement Waterproofing, there’s no residential foundation problem that we can’t fix! Homeowners in Columbus and central Ohio choose our company because of our warrantied solutions and our determination to make every safe and dry. If you notice any signs of foundation problems, contact us right away for a free consultation and quote.

Crack Injections Don’t Work.

With even a minuscule amount of movement the wall will leak again. At Hydra we recognize this, and have developed a five step process that
will fix the crack permanently.

  • Excavate the basement floor the width of the crack, exposing the footing
  • Test the footing drain.
  • Seal the face of the crack, leaving it open below the slab thereby
    diverting the water below the floor level.
  • Install a mold resistant shield over the crack, extending below the
    concrete floor. If future leakage does occur it will be diverted to the
    footing drain.
  • Replace concrete in the area excavated.

You now have a permanent fix that provides a lifetime transferable warranty.

Quality foundation repair for Residential Home

Don’t let your foundation problems burden you any longer.

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