Bowed basement walls?

We utilize our patented Smart Brace System for an easy manageable repair.


Smart Brace

Basement walls bow inwardly during periods of intense hydrostatic pressure caused by excessive rainfall or groundwater backup.

  • Traditional adjustable devices need adjustment but when to adjust? Every week? Once a month? Since pressures change with weather and soil conditions it’s hard to determine.
  • Spring loaded devices exert constant pressure that is not coordinated with the changing hydrostatic conditions.
  • SMART BRACE is the only product on the market today that addresses these issues. When the pressure is minimal and the wall moves back the patented warning disc drops to activate the alarm system to notify the homeowner that it’s time to adjust. No arbitrary schedules!


Avoid damage to your water, gas and electrical service lines. Rely on the precise adjustment window that only SMART BRACE provides. Straighten your walls safely and effectively.


Smart Brace foundation repair system

Bowed foundation repair

Smart Brace foundation repair system

Fix it right the first time!

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